Why to Choose U.S. Mergers
10 Reasons to Choose U.S. Mergers

1.   A third party is more effective than if the company represents themselves or with an attorney (e.g.  as a
      3rd party, we sympathize and deliver the facts unbiased as well as deliver a clear message; the fastest
      solution is to settle and accept the restructuring offer).

2.   US Mergers demands a certain level of respect as a firm specializing in restructuring. The company would    
       benefit by having US Mergers represent them and to deliver a message of awareness that conveys to all       
       employees that the company is going through restructuring.

3.    US Mergers will conduct a due diligence review at no cost.  Once the due diligence process is completed     
       the company will receive a certificate of completion.  This certificate  will be recognized as a due diligence     
       review that was completed  by US Mergers and the certificate can be used for submittal when applying for     
       business loans and an appraisal.

4.    US Mergers relieves the company from handling and receiving calls from vendors, this allows the company
        to pass those vendors to US Mergers for renegotiation.

5.    US Mergers will offer energy, excitement,  and motivation to the company because the employees will be      
        excited by the memos they receive from US Mergers.  These memos can be  used as a motivational tool to  
        excite the employees on the growth of the company through a possible merger, acquisition, sale, etc.

6.    There are no upfront fees or initial costs, all we ask is to submit a list of contracts, agreements, vendors,      
        etc that the company would like restructured.

7.    The company will receive results within the first 30 days.

8.    Our restructuring process allows the company to concentrate on other areas of importance, US Mergers       
        relieves stress and acts as an assistant.

9.    The company pays on a performance basis and shares in the savings that we find.  In return, we receive       
        50% from these savings.  

10.  The company will now become a client of US Mergers and will have US Mergers representing them on          
        future growth and exit strategies.
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